Chains Of Life

The chains can allow you to live in a cycle nothing new .Just the same old things that just live with you forever. Saying all the time I wont to brake away I don’t need to be the same. So the same habits the regular routine follows you everyday it’s just that way. Then the mind becomes so unstable it seems to drift .Your in the body but the mind is lost somewhere else just struggling. These chains have you so broken down as low as you can go you hit the floor. The eyes look up but you stay until you figure out how to get up. Asking  everybody telling them your problem when its not even going to help you. Inside you feel like you have the power that flare it  can come out .

Leaving you shocked you had no idea it was there the chains hold you back. Because you can remove whats bothering you. Living in self pity everybody has to feel sorry stop telling the same old hurt story . You can’t change the past but don’t make a song about it . Learn from it take it and run become better I know you might not be able to let it go completely . But you have to do something the chains of life are serious if you don’t understand they will leave you stuck. So exactly what are the chains if your a bit confused its simply  anything that’s negative its the devil I mean where do you think the negative thoughts come from ? Its the devil you have to get away from his circle it just keeps going around and around .looking for people that he can throw into it so you can beat yourself up. Every time having that stupid smile saying I got you now it makes him so happy. Every time you brake a chain you brake him burdens are lifted God lifts your spirit . Look up to the sky and say Thank God I don’t won’t to be near it. For those of you that feel depression I declare In Jesus name it shall be removed . No longer depression just pressing your way on to greatness. Nothing is wrong with you don’t listen to what the devil told you. You take control trust God and hold on for the temptations of this world .Well every time a chain tries to grab you run the other way.

Because your own a mission you have no extra time. It’s not about pleasing people just please yourself that’s what going to help. Seek God pull him closer allow him to be your best friend whatever you need . With the both of you working together the chains will have to break away. Its crazy how these chains can come at you all at one time .Make you think your loosing your mind like what’s going on?. Because people say positive things to you and be encouraging but somethings you have to deal with own your own . In the inside reaching back to correct your mind so from this moment right now . Work on the chains in your life everyone’s chains are different .So until then my friend you will stay in the same position. In a war zone but it didn’t have to happen you allowed yourself to sit and fall apart crumble. Wake up ! Get yourself together!

Chains can get you they can toss you make you feel and act ways that you shouldn’t . When something comes to you look away look to God he has the answer. Well there is only one thing that’s left to say  Amen to that ! 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Chains Of Life

  1. Great thoughts young lady! God doesn’t want us to be weighed down or depressed by our “same old routine.” We grow in Him through prayer, study of the scriptures, and application of His will to our lives…Good post!



  2. Hey there, Eri! Happy new year to you. Haven’t seen you around much lately but I’ve been in and out myself. It can happen sometimes especially around the holidays. Hope you are still motivated to write some new posts…

    Steve 🙂

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