You know I’ve been thinking why do people believe with limitations ? Why do people believe that the vision can only reach to a certain point. Through listening to motivational speakers, poets and entrepreneurs, listening to their success tips. Every last person stated that they believed and dreamed big . Unlimited dreaming an visions for their life no holding back. When you dream big it’s a fact you do big things when you go after what’s placed inside of you. You have to ignore everything that prevents you from reaching for what you see. Those around you may have small minded mindset but you don’t have to. Think back to a time when God blessed you and no it wasn’t luck , I mean really think about this what happen when the blessing came ? . God blessed you with more than you expected . But why does this happen ? It’s simple God doesn’t do anything small it’s always big . That’s the main reason as to why you wait for along time years, weeks and Β months. Because he is gathering Β all your blessing’s at one time .In the season that seems to be so hard that’s when you will receive something big. So believe for bigger because it will happen it’s time for a new mindset . Always remember small get’s you no where at all.

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12 thoughts on “Small

  1. I know we can dream big with the things of God…no limitations at all! For all things are possible for God, and He can make us strong in love, faith, and Godliness. These three things alone will move us forward not only in the life to come, but on this earth as well…good post, Eri!

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      • I’m doing pretty well, thanks Eri. I’m always encouraged by what I read on your blog and I hope you find things of worth and consideration here!

        May the Lord bless you as you seek Him out in your life. Enjoy your day…



      • That’s so wonderful Steve! That’s good to hear ! Wow that means a lot I’m so glad that my words have an impact. I really appreciate your support . I think your blog is awesome as well . It keeps me motivated and very happy . May the lord bless you as well Steve . Amen to that! πŸ™‚

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      • You are a wonderful lady, Eri! Thanks for the kind comments and I do look forward to seeing that you visited my blog! It means a lot to me…Take care and have a super day and evening!


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