Everyone has a story

A story to tell

You can look into their eyes

It lets you know if their well

Some will give an introduction or a clip

Because it would take a while

To tell you the whole thing

To tell  you what’s standing in between the wall

That’s been built

The reasons behind the actions

The words that are spoken

What resulted into the person that’s still standing

Everyone has a story

From a scale of 1 to 10

for some it’s been a one 1 -5

There hasn’t really been a struggle no real trouble

for some it’s been a 7 just neutral

It hasn’t been really bad or really good

for others it’s been a 10 rock bottom

That was their friend for along time

Had to work extremely hard to get out of it

Everyone has a story there is a lot more

pages to add to the book

Some chapters you understand

Some chapters you ask why

Some chapters you go back to you might cry

This story is still unfinished

acknowledge the good and bad

Because it’s what brought you to


Be proud of your story

Share it don’t hide it

Copyright ©2017 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved




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