rightRight that’s always the path morally good for some people right means perfect. If you think long enough that’s clearly not the case. Just perception of any individual person that allows the mind to think the wrong way. What makes a person right? How did this person receive the credibility ? Some people would give any answer such as well there very convincing it allowed me to believe . If you go even deeper how was that even possible ? Because someone that has the ability to persuade someone means it’s the words. The words that are spoken to make you feel like they believe in something. For the most part it comes from seeing what something can do. Or tell you a story that everyone can relate to through experience such as a motivational speaker. So now everyone’s  attention has gravitated to what’s been said . So anytime you here someone that you can relate to you will be quick to say “yep that’s right”. Because you understand  in their belief your own the same page . So basically right is a form of being clear when this is said .It’s good to analyze what your confirming to be right. Most of the time we say your right when you don’t even feel that way. You choice what’s right according to you and follow what you believe . This world has many forms of right and wrong .So You live according to what  allows you to feel righteous . Right and wrong looks different in the eyes of other people . So stand strong and bold on what you know is right through the eyes of God.

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