You know

No one knows

Like you do

You know what it takes

To make you feel complete

Whole with so much pride inside

You know

You know yourself

Better than anyone else

What works for others

Will not work for you

You know how to coordinate

Ways an concepts

Creating a life for you

Happiness that’s what you desire

Well find it

Nobody can tell you how

To be happy

Your so sad

Only you know how to erase

The sad emotions and pain

You know life is a process

To make progress

Only you know what your process

Consist of

Your lost

Well only you know how to be found

Only you know your issues

Everyone around you

Only goes by what you tell them

Deep down you know

What’s best for you

Yes you have people there

What will you do

When nobody is around

Follow what’s in your heart

It will push you

It’s a guide

Follow the path

That makes you reach high

Copyright ©2017 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved


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