Step out.jpg

2 doors

1 is broken

You continue to stay

No repairs

You simply need to

Remove yourself

Go away

There is another door

That’s been waiting

for so long


Strong faith

That’s how you should be

Step out

The problem

Is that your so worried

About getting stepped on

Step out

So afraid to fail

Step outside the box

Your more than

What’s at your door

It’s time to make something happen

It’s time to score

It’s time to soar like eagles

It’s time to be on top

Step out

Think about it

What is there to loose

You haven’t gained

What you wonted yet

Step out

Step out while you pray

Step out trusting you will go in the right direction



Well that’s what happens

When you do something your unsure of

Just leave it to the man above

Step out

Don’t stay in

Introduce yourself to the new door

It has so much more

Copyright ©2017 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved


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