Dark Shadow


What would make you follow the shadow?  What would make you feel like this shadow has a  real path? Maybe you would think because it’s the only  way out . No actual time to think about any other options . Because you feel that this shadow will lead. To what your trying to solve in your mind .  It’s dark so you can’t see well that’s because you refuse to. Deep and dark desperation opens a wildfire of cans that needed to stay close . Now they remain open the shadow waits . It knows your weak the ones shadow that you follow had observed your ways. Now your falling down into the trap o snap you really messed up now. You could have held yourself back . Choosing not to go near that dark evil self destructive track . Well now you can’t go back repetition of the same old crap .  O now you won’t to cry out for help why now? Sinking go deeper all the way down to  the bottom of the ocean now . All kinds of things eating you alive . A light bulb comes on in your mind saying wait I can’t drown . O you swimming like crazy now .Your head reaches the surface of the water to come up to the top. Gasping for air before you go back under you take a glance . You realize you followed the shadow so long you can’t be saved . Your so far into the ocean you should have went another way.

Sometimes we follow the wrong shadows for so many reasons. Because  your mind is not focus on what will be the results of this . Only the moment you react upon it feels right . The problem with that is when  you detect that it’s starting to become an issue . For some reason you feel like it’s okay to continue to stay on the path.

Be careful with shadows they will leave you wishing you had a second chance. Things happen in life but just don’t allow yourself to sink. Don’t dig a hole for yourself that you can’t get out of.

Copyright ©2017 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved


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