Failure Is The First Step Towards Success

Jay Colby

“Failure is the first step towards success” is one of the most used, quoted and publicized  quotes and often told to many of us in many different stages of life ,but it can be difficult to follow its mantra.  Sometimes we want all the “success” but don’t want to experience the hard work, pain and in many cases failure.  Almost everything in life requires to learn or try something that you never have done before. That’s why mistakes, mishaps and failure often times happens when we decide to go after our goals and dreams. This relates to anything in life whether you are trying to better your life by reading more, starting a new workout routine or even starting a business. Needless to say to have success in anything we have to keep in mind that we may (will) fail sometimes.

What is Failure? 

Trial and error are usually the…

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