~ Our Past

Just Scribbled Thoughts - Shruti Ohri

img-20170121-wa0034They say it is important to learn from our past,
Our mistakes, failures and things we shouldnโ€™t have done,
When instead of going slow, we were too fast,
When instead of being upset, we couldโ€™ve had fun.

But donโ€™t they also say that it is a harm,
To hold on to our past, our regrets and fears,
Our happiness it may disarm,
To think of our past sorrows and tears.

Our past does teach us many lessons,
But it may leave us sad,
Our experience, it fastens,
And that makes me glad.

Our past may be both; a memory and a nightmare,
It may give us happiness, it may give us tears,
It teaches us lessons by making us dare,
To fight our sorrows, happiness and fears.

// And that is what counts //

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