The Storm


No bullet proof vest

In either direction

The high volume

So many intensifying



Pouring of tears


Constant shove

Pointing the arrow

Right at the heart


Feeling the pressure

Forced to be stuck

Stuck in the core

directly in the center

Every angle grows

Going round and round

Swirling into your world

Spinning the layers

From issues

Trying over and over again

hitting the reset button

trying to come up with

a new concept or something

Voices of discouragement

Seems like the storm will last for along time

Hit by rocks

Hit by Β the debris

Of all the things that life brings


Even though these things

Will try to grab you

Make you stay down





On a straight path

Let the smoke blow

Let the wind stay strong

It’s tough

It’s rough

No understanding



Build your muscle


The storm can’t break you down


When the day comes

Take your fan

Spread it proud

Because you made it

The storm is over now

You didn’t know when or how

But you made it out

Copyright Β©2017 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved





25 thoughts on “The Storm

  1. Hi Eri! Haven’t heard from you in a few days. This is a nice post, shows that strength of the “mindset!” Hey, I need 2-3 names of popular gospel artists from you when you have the time…


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      • That mindset, or frame of mind, is so important to getting things done in life! We have to have a strong mindset in order to be good believers too. You take care my friend and enjoy your weekend!

        Liked by 1 person

      • O my goodness Steve I couldn’t agree more . Exactly without the right mindset you are stuck . Yes training the mind is serious it’s a lot of work honestly . But believers have the strength to achieve anything . Have a great weekend my friend hope your well. πŸ™‚

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      • You are right, Eri. It is a lot of work to train the mind in Godly ways. It takes a true desire, prayer, and a firm resolve to make it happen. Even then, we may slip at some points, but we get back on track and get on with it. That’s what it takes to reach the goal as best we can…Enjoy your day, Eri!

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      • Exactly Steve ! Yes it does amen to that ! Yes even when we do it’s so important to keep trying that’s what God honors and he looks at that the efforts put into . Enjoy your day Steve! πŸ™‚

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      • It’s a good thing God has a lot of patience with all of us…Lol! Hope you have a great evening! Hey, you changed your gravitar image, right? Looks great, Eri!

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      • Thank the Lord for His grace and patience. I can’t imagine how He has so much tolerance with us humans!! And again, I like the new pic. on your website…


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      • Eri…you are a natural! The videos are great. You just keep them coming. Plan your topic, create your message, and let it rip! You present yourself very well…

        Steve πŸ™‚

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      • Begin small if you must. Have I ever suggested a book to you called “Muscle and a Shovel” by Michael Shank? You can get it for little or nothing I think. More about it at: Take a look at it, Eri!

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      • I hope you like what you see there. It’s funny to note that all of these churches we see on every corner came into existence about 300-400 years ago. But there’s only one church mentioned in the bible…(Acts 2). The explanation of the Lord’s church and its growth is mainly explained throughout the book of Acts.

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