What would I have without you?

Would it really be possible to make it on my own?

Could I really hold on?

Would I have hope?

When I’m down could I really get up ?

Surviving the impact

Coming out alive

No cuts or bruises

Is that something I could do?


Could I keep excitement

Even when I can’t see

What’s ahead of me

Would I really have a vision

The big dream of where I’m climbing

To reach

Without you there

where would I be?

Nothing I do Is me

I follow your every beat

When I make a mistake

Could I recover?

Or just beat myself up

Throw in the towel

Enough is enough

How have I been making it

And continue

How is it when I won’t to react

You push me back?

Sensitive and kind

wanting everything to go right

Realizing I’m not you

I’m the image apart of you

I just do what I know how to do

Wisdom ,knowledge and understanding

Is what you will give

If I ask for it

When this life is over I won’t

To have peace in my heart

Being able to say that I was obedient

I lived the way I was suppose to

Everything I could possibly do

I feel the connection

When I pray

Your not every a distance away

My spirit feels you

Sometimes it’s hard to explain

My journey of progress

will show

who I’ve become

Miles ahead

I’ve just really begun

Copyright ©2017 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved



2 thoughts on “I

  1. The journey is difficult and takes a lifetime. Sometimes we want to “throw in the towel.” But we must understand we are imperfect, trying to serve Perfection! It is a daunting task, and can be discouraging at times. We simply learn to accept that much. We serve as best we can…that’s all He asks. Sincerity of heart is what matters. Obey the gospel and off we go…to do the best we can. We just can’t give up because WE are not happy with us. What’s important is that we make progress so that God is happy with us!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Amen to that Steve!! 2 times I couldn’t agree more exactly imperfect trying to serve perfection ! Sometimes you can get caught up into trying so hard to be perfect. But doing what you know is right and making sure your heart is right that’s the focus . Wow Steve your preaching seriously lol 🙂 But that’s true that really does happen now that I think about it. Focus on happiness through God not through the things that we see is wrong the ability to look pass our views on how everything should be. 🙂


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