Life is based through interaction for the exchange of a return benefit.  Every environment has varieties of personalities that have individual categories . Adjusting according to the demeanor that’s given.  Having to decode to make a clear understanding of the actions. Leading to confusion two separate minds have hard times for several reasons. Because of the clash detecting what makes sense in both minds are completely different . Sometimes there isn’t a common barrier to come to an agreement. Or having closure knowing that it will always  have a remaining distance. The importance of being able to learn the ways of others is essential. It’s a major challenge when just trying to have a conversation or having to work on a project with someone else. Having to struggle with communication in order to follow through with the procedure. To accomplish  the matter at hand resulting into escalation of a fail. It’s just so much that’s involved in the situation it can easily get out of control.

Especially when you have the following personality type’s 

Considerate – Nice and calm like to really think everything through like to pay close attention to details . 

Aggressive –  Like to take control over everything like to react quickly very direct straightforward .

Analyst – Loves to find flaws in everything’s that’s going on too critical 

Sensitive – Takes confrontation to personal, feelings are very easy to get hurt very nice and pleasant 

Talkative – Shows emotion even if it’s positive of negative very social great humor 

Loner- Likes to stay to them self talking is very limited 

Overly – Confident – Knows everything can do know wrong hard time listening to others 

Mean – Will make it know that they don’t won’t to be apart of anything . Will not make any efforts to change anything 

So when you encounter some or all of these personalities what can you do? 

Well first we all have personalities it’s what makes up who we are . It’s nothing wrong with who you are it’s just being able to putting yourself aside sometimes to understand someone else..  I will give you four major tips to help to interact with other people . 

Put your self aside – You must break down be open to listen to get a better understanding . It’s almost like coming into the other person’s world. Leaving how you feel outside for a few minutes .

Observation – Study the person how they react and what they say ask them questions such has so why did you react this way ? Why did you choose to say that ?  The questions help you get clarity . You will already know what the person will do .

Approach – From the observation you will be able to talk to the person better . In a way it’s getting on their level .Now notice I said better this will prevent a disagreement  from happening all the time . You will be able to work with the person to get something accomplished at least . Sometimes if you feel strongly about something you may have to step in and say wait hold on that’s not right . overall everything should be just fine .

Custom- Lastly you will be able to really master getting along with others . Without getting upset so much relieving so much strain on yourself . It makes things just a little bit easier .

Hopefully this will help it helped me and it’s very important to have patience . With time you will learn and sometimes you have to regroup and start over . And pray to have the right mindset to even be able to face it . It can take your energy if your not careful .  Have a bless day! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Personality

  1. A lot of insightful thought put into this one, Eri. I didn’t tell you that when I read it before. And thanks for the songs again. I can use 2-3 more suggestions about every other day. I hope that isn’t asking too much!

    Steve 🙂

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