Today’s quote


Happy Friday ! Hope you have a bless day ! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Today’s quote

  1. Take what you get and move on…enjoy the good and learn from the bad. In both cases, you put the past in the past and move to the next moment in your life! Good thought to share, Eri!



  2. Hi Eri! Haven’t heard from you in a while…hope all is okay! I need one of your posts to read…and some more music suggestions! Let me hear from you!

    Steve 🙂

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    • Hi Steve! I’m better wasn’t feeling well on top of being busy . I hope your well I have some new post and music for you 🙂
      Beckah Shae – Hope Lives
      Colton Dixon – Through all of it
      Plumb- Lord I’m ready now
      Crowder-Come as you are
      Todd Agnew- Grace like rain
      Planet shakers- All about you
      J moss – Alright Ok
      I ‘m working on the other list


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