The Way You Move

You move in ways

That will forever leave me amazed

Every time

I have to give you the praise

The amount of trust

That’s put into you

Leaving the cares to you

Exiting the thoughts

Trying to figure the plan out

When you have set it up

In such a way

Everything works out


The moves you make

Come quickly so swiftly

In a pleasant dynamic

The thought of doubting

It’s totally insane

You have control

When your ready to move

That’s exactly

what you will do

No need for a time clock

You control that too

Thing’s that move slow

You bring your power

To make it

Really go

You have a natural flow

The cleverness of your mind

It’s hypnotizing


I’m so glad you have your ways

You move

The way

You do



From the unstabilized minds

We have sometimes

Leads to misery

The whole time

It was simple

Choosing  difficulty

Your ways

are so much better

It pulls things together

Copyright ©2017 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved


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