It’s Okay

it's okay

pressure that’s lingering within the depth of your soul because it’s hard for wounds that remain open.  Starting to see them swelling as the reflections are brought in front of you. Trying with any means necessary placing the pieces back together . To reveal were you went wrong and how did it come to your very own orchestration’s that leads into a conjunction of misery. Playing with you mentally bringing you down physically, How could you allow it to grow and escalate to gain power? It’s power that should’ve never been given the authority to be taken. In a corner full of arrows drained from the energy it takes . To constantly have your mistakes put on replay every single day. Feeling as if your life is over despite the high emotions and guilt that you carry.

You should know that

It’s okay to be broken

God has his hands wide open

The wounded heart

God can heal

Yes your deeply sadden


God has his ways

A new kinda of pattern


He will turn the madness into gladness

Through the times

When life feels upside down

God is all around

Through it all

Greatness is in store

There is a bigger and better door

It’s okay

To be in pain

Just let it out

It takes time to recover

To discover

How the dots will connect

Just know

It’s going to be magnificent

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21 thoughts on “It’s Okay

  1. Very good post, Eri! It does take time to get over this life’s destructive powers and wounds, but God is always there…


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      • I’m dealing with “DDD” which is Degenerative Disc Disorder with my back. I deal with a lot of pain while the Dr. tries to figure out how to help me. I’ve been getting shots in my spinal area, but they just don’t do very much for me. I may need to look at another procedure or maybe pain meds…

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      • I wish for a cure but there is nothing to fight this disorder. The only things we have available are shots or pills to deal with things. I have another appt. with the pain doctor tomorrow to go over some other options…

        Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, Eri!



      • Thanks, Eri. I really appreciate the prayers and the support! They have something else I may try to help with the back pain, but it involves some minor surgery. I’m still making up my mind on that one…


      • Well I just had a test on Monday and the results will take about a week or so. Keep praying because I have another test for something else this coming Monday! I am learning to hate doctor appointments…haha! Actually not because they only help in situations…

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      • Thank you Eri for your kind thoughts, but the Lord has decided I must bear a burden. The tests showed that I have cancer. It seems that we caught it early enough for me to treat it with radiation, so we’ll see. Just keep me in your prayers…



      • I’ve been praying for you Steve everyday, stay strong as each day goes by your being healed. I know that your going to be alright. That’s great that it was caught early 🙂 Just know that you will make it through this ! 🙂
        1. Mercy Me – Best News Ever
        2. Brandon Heath- Whole Heart
        3. Mallary Hope- Now
        4. Dan Bremnes- Where The Light Is


      • You are a true sweetheart, Eri. Thank you for these encouraging words. I got many prayers going at my church too! And thank you for the songs…I’m posting every one of these 4 songs!

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