The Leader

Many people desire the role of leadership, influencing individuals to reach their potential. However, understanding the difference between “A Leader” and “The Leader” will determine one’s ability, to change life’s during each encounter. “A leader” consist of someone with just the title,“The Leader” showcases their works through action leaving a major impact. In addition to building relationships with people, adapting to surrounding environments, standing firmly on their beliefs. Leading requires taking personal experiences applying them to help others evolve.


Leaders should  be










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10 thoughts on “The Leader

  1. You got this one cold, lady! This is very well said, Eri. Now let us lead others by our Godly examples and lifestyles. Some won’t see our ways, but someone we never thought about may be watching how we act and live. That’s why we need to be a leader and stand up for Christ. Only then can we be a leader of others…


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