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The biggest part of life that shows guaranteed results of improvement it’s practice. Without constant repetition it’s impossible to accomplish anything. It’s so important to have something that you can stand firmly behind  with such a strong belief . It helps to guide you through obstacles and it allows you have joy and peace within yourself. A spiritual connection with God is everything because it’s so powerful it comes with so much understanding . Having the mind to focus on God instead of this world . We need God it’s not a won’t ! Here is 8 daily practices we should follow

  1. Acknowledge – Every morning when you wake up you should at least say “God I thank you for blessing me to see another day”  And take the time to thank him for his love
  2.  Pray- Some people only pray when something devastating happens and that’s really sad . When you pray your talking to God and that’s the major key to having a relationship with him. He loves to hear from you this should become a lifestyle . It’s no excuse we should make it a point to give God time. There is power in praying it really works !
  3. Grateful-  We should always show our deepest gratitude through the highest and lowest points in life . Because things could be a lot worse and when you get bless you should remain humble .
  4. Good& Evil- God set us  apart for a purpose so we should follow a way of life, that consciously exemplifies a righteous life.
  5. Connect- Surround yourself with people that challenge you to remain close to God .
  6. Value- To help someone should make you feel great. God honors that it’s important to help from your heart. Some people only help to get something in return if that’s the case just don’t help at all. Take pride in just being a blessing to someone else. Understand that everyone that you help will not appreciate you and some won’t even say thank you . But it’s okay God watches everything that you do and that’s all that matters.
  7. Positive – Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive when things aren’t going the way we intended . Frustration and anger will consume you but always remember everything works out for your good.
  8. God’s Word – Believing in God is one thing that’s great. Having the understanding of who he is another thing. Surround yourself with powerful messages listening to them on the daily is highly recommended . But honestly when you read the bible it renews your mind. You get a broad perspective on life and understanding this world and how your situation relates to God’s word . It gives you the order that explains how the world has evolved with so much detail.  Most importantly its a guide to help you live right. No we are not perfect but if you have a clear understanding of the principles .  Then we able to be the best representation of God that we can be.


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