Refuse for Success

What is success ? Well it has a different meaning to each individual person. Everyone has their own path to follow it’s important to understand that success comes from what makes you happy. Accomplishing things in your life that makes you feel satisfied from within. With success comes having patience’s and time to receive the best results. Excepting failure as part of the process because it’s through the most difficult times in life that you gain strength . When you have time to reflect on your life to regroup .To direct your focus on what really matters . You will make a commitment to yourself that you will never make the same mistakes again .

You should refuse to 

  1. Stay inside of a box – Don’t allow people to define who you are only you can .
  2. Hold grudges- You block your blessing if you won’t to be successful you have to let it go. Don’t think about what someone said to you any longer put your energy into your life.
  3. Argue- To live a successful life don’t argue with anyone over absolutely nothing at all. It’s already a waste of energy remove yourself it’s not worth it.
  4. . Let yourself go- At all times you must focus on you never give anyone more time than you give yourself.
  5. Doubt- refuse to doubt yourself  you can do anything!
  6.  Health-refuse to allow Your health decline because of people get your proper rest
  7. Let people Dominate  you – People will bully you if you allow it making you feel as if your nobody . But no one has the right to disrespect you  it doesn’t matter who they are.
  8. Problems – Everybody has problems but it’s all about how you handle them. Success comes from not allowing problems to bring you down. You Will Make It!!!!


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