Pains Of Trust


This world it’s filled with disappointments followed by liars that deceive the heart. Thoughts captivated by ideas to say words persuading the mind  into believing  what’s said . It’s taken viewed as gold running with sounds of what the ears have heard . Feeling  extremely confident in this truth refusing the possibility of being wrong.  Taking the risk going far and beyond understand the chances of a return you  will never see. Others keep limits and restrictions and your trying to figure out exactly what does that mean. Living with a nightmare of devastation that’s brought upon you . Simply because the patterns of those that you cared deeply for are no longer the same. Always hoping that as we all evolve and grow loyalty would remain forever . The very ones that you consider valuable and admired found new endeavors that  are more special . The heartache becomes unbearable while you sit and suffer watching them walk away. Symptoms of a bad heartbreak that becomes hard  to deal with it.  Until you actually reflect on what really caused the pain .

From here it’s major lessons for you to learn first understanding that it’s nothing wrong with you. Most of the time when relationships with people break apart you tend to reflect on the negative. What this does is makes things worse leading to depression then life comes to a long pause. When you dissect this situation there is a few questions to ask yourself

  1. Why did I put so much trust into this?
  2. What caused the pain?
  3. What can I do to prevent this from happening ?
  4. Why did this person hold some much value? ( This is very important because sometimes you put so much into a person when you don’t see your self as valuable)

When  asking yourself these 4 questions you will receive a better understanding . Also   taking into consideration that people change, sometimes you may think to yourself why is that? Well It’s for many reason but the biggest factor it’s that everyone comes different stages and phases of life. So people react according to the moment resulting to their feelings changing drastically. Because of the desire to engage themselves into what they have never experienced. So it’s just realizing that you can only be held accountable for yourself.  Learn from every life event that occurs allowing you to become better.

For this very reason this is why God tells us to put our trust in him. Staying focus it’s  essential  because no one is more important that God. The road is dark when your finding other people as your God worshiping them.  Use extreme caution when interacting in relationships to prevent becoming easily distracted. Your mission it’s keeping  God first so that he can manifest in your life . Always remember that everything your asking for, you will  find through him. Have a bless day!! 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Pains Of Trust

  1. A number of great thoughts in this one, Eri. I like the fact that near the end you reminded us to keep God first in our lives as it is the most important thing we can do. That is exactly right…more important than anything is that we decrease while the Lord increases in us! Good post…


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