Pathway To Freedom


On earth to live with freedom comprehending the concept of going through life with extensive fulfillment . Bringing joy and happiness that will never remove itself from the soul. Why is there always strife between living an letting go? Allowing the spirit to die, living in the world at the same time robbed of peace. It has crushed  the alignment of structure for the life you should live. Harboring sorrow that grows stronger into another day.  Visualizing being elevated into the next dimension only to realize your not ready. barley hanging on when a pinch of problems comes , so what happens when you get a punch? Stand firmly an brush every inch of negativity away an become tough. You can’t allow life to become a scar that stains you forever. Start living with a smile tell your spirit to come back alive. Instead of walking around barley surviving , God didn’t intend for this way of life. Pain should be temporary ! So will you become free or live unhappy?


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