The Game of Hide and Seek

Wow this is awesome!!! Very true


Did you play the game ‘Hide and Seek’ as a child?

Of course!

We might have left the game behind with childhood, but the game sure hasn’t left us.

As adults, we still play hide and seek, unknowingly, everyday of our lives. The important question is are you a ‘hider’ or a ‘seeker’?

🙈 they run away from responsibilities and consequently opportunities.

🙈 they are afraid to step out of their comfort zones.

🙈 they are reluctant to try out new things.

🙈 they always feel inadequate and not deserving of anything good.

🙈 they shrink into their shells and give up whenever they fail.

🙈 they always hide behind excuses saying “I CAN’T”, “I DON’T”, “I WON’T”.

🙈 they quit easily.

🙈 they are full of negative energy.

🙈 they have a reactive approach to life.

🙈 they always put the blame on others.

🙉 they are…

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