God bless you King & Country your music speaks to my soul 🙂


The Light


The wait is long

The journey is brutal

Battling an enemy

Inside the mind

It creep’s in

Forcing it’s  stay


It’s a battle

When you try

Over and over again

The light doesn’t seem to shine through

Like you imagine

The efforts and hopefulness

Seems to fade away


No matter what you may face



Have faith

Be brave

Don’t be deceived

God’s watching

He knows what you need

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The gods will fight for you

So true and powerful

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If you don’t fight for yourself,
Nobody will;
But if you fight for yourself,
And others see how fiercely
You do fight for yourself,
Some will join and fight for you,
But if you fold your arms,
And cross your legs
And do nothing but sit
And wait,
That from heaven manna will come
To you,
Others will sit and wait with you;
And what is worse,
some may actually push you down
To deeper get into the pit;
You’ve got to fight for yourself,
And must not wait for anyone else;
Although no one can fight and win alone,
You must be the one to start your fight.
And if you show how fierce
You want to fight and win,
Even the Gods will fight on your side.
Fight for yourself;
The gods will fight for you.

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Today’s Quote

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Life comes with the expected and the unexpected and sometimes we will get discouraged when our diligence and dedication seems to go unnoticed. However, when we have the attitude that no matter what I have to go through, I will succeed it get’s easier to stay motivated. You might have  to try something 20 times in order to get results. That’s ok because God will give you what you deserve.  🙂

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