Tree Of Life


Starting from the bottom just a small seed everyday it’s given attention. Through nourishment of love, practice, believing and experience . The steps towards each shapes and molds who you will become . The process can seem long continuously inspecting  on the progress . Instead of enjoying the journey that leads to your destiny . Astonishment comes from every obstacle even though you cant’t see. Prepare for the design of your tree, What do you visualize it to be? . Full of life each branch blossom’s beautifully, through your diligence an hard work determine not to give up . Have a bless day ! 🙂

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Did You Know?

Dr. Laura Boyd Canada’s research chair in Neurobiology of Motor Learning . Laura researches the brain behavior,to examine the central nervous system damage after a stroke. The focus is to  learn the steps that stimulate neuroplasticity when there’s a brain injury .


YouTube – TEDX Vancouver Laura Boyd

I watch the video, she explains how the brain works and ways to prevent the risk of a stroke


Mellody Hobson American business woman who is the president of Ariel Investments and the current Chair of the Board of Directors of DreamWorks Animation.

When You Expect

The number one cause of disappointment comes through expectations . Having a million rules and regulations that you have never followed . Now this extremely long list of expectations are standing right in your face .

Your expecting people to 

  1. Agree
  2. Respect you more than you respect yourself
  3.  Glorify you
  4. Fit your idea of who they should be
  5. Think your exact thoughts
  6. Immediately change


Now what has happen? You begin to become angry and frustrated with people that are unequal with your standards. Unable to view those same people in the same light feelings of resentment runs high. The obligations are created in your mind feeling as if their priorities have the wrong alignment. Incomprehensive of the patterns that you have illustrated for so many years questioning why didn’t this work out?  Only to realize it wasn’t ever applied to your own life in the correct way. Blinded from the selfish ways of the desperate need to fill avoid that only you can fix. So how do you resolve the issue of having this battle between what you feel and reality ?  I won’t this to really process  in your mind your life will change . Disappointment and staying bitter will leave when you learn how to Love Unconditionally !!O my goodness !! Don’t miss what I’m saying

You may say how in the world can I love people,who broken my heart through deceit and totally betrayal . Well You can if you won’t to sleep at night and have a clear conscious . Or you can allow it to haunt you forever this is serious, yes I know it cuts deep .!  View people through compassion and allow things to naturally come together . The most beautiful thing is when you can at least make amends with people. You don’t have to associate with them all the time but if you saw them saying Hey or seeing their face wouldn’t kill you. If for some reason that just can’t happen then let them walk away and pray for them . Accept the circumstances develop into your emotional maturity . Your amazing and wonderful individual so keep smiling don’t change.  I hope this helped in some way have a bless day! 🙂

But I say unto you , Love your enemies , bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you”

Matthew 5:44


Copyright ©2017 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved

Did You Know?

Eric Thomas – one of the world’s greatest influential motivational speakers . He’s also the author of the book titled The Secret To Success and many others. I have watched several of his videos such powerful insight that he shares . It will change your life and really give you a whole new perspective on life. His story is amazing from being homeless along with many other obstacles he kept going. A prime example of success he say’s that ” At the end of pain comes success” ” It’s about how bad do you wont it “

Coaster Moment


The most terrifying moment of my life was going to Busch Gardens , in my mind it was already  planned out exactly how this day would go. I would ride just a few roller coasters then venture out. Explore what other rides seems interesting enough to try next.  That’s not even close to how this day turned out,the first ride it’s called the Griffon . I call it “The Heart drop” Lol this ride takes you straight up in the air I don’t even know how many feet its too many I know that much. Then when you reach the top you come to a complete stop. So from this point my feet are just hanging, then I looked straight down my heart was beating so fast . I said NOOOOOOOO!!!!! so loud  my Cousin was on the right  side and sister on the left I know their ears had to hurt that day big mistake. When I said that It dropped straight down at full speed the impact was insane. Maybe it was just me because everyone else was just fine how could that be ? Lol  It doesn’t end there I have more so I allowed myself to go through this again right after getting off of the Griffon. This coaster is called The Loch Ness Monster o it’s truly a monster I call this one the “Help Me Jesus “ because you will need him on this ride. Lol I screamed so much everyone else around Just laughing   having a wonderful time with no problems .  So after this ride comes  to a complete stop I Said Thank You JEEESUSSS! . Then we get off walking to the exit before we could leave there was a big picture of me loosing my mind screaming  the lady asking  if I would like to purchase it. I just looked at her and shook my head I had to focusing on getting myself together . I was thinking are you serious I’m barley making it over here . Then I took a step back to have a better view of how massive this roller coaster was . I discovered it’s one of the world’s tallest and fastest roller coasters with two interlocking loops.  ! 😦  🙂 After going through all of that I sat down patiently waiting until my family decided it was time to go.