A Woman’s Words of Wisdom (guys can read them, too!)

Powerful quotes!!! Really resonated with me 🙂

Quotes to Encourage

A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Haha!  This one’s funny.  But totally true. Time and time again, women have displayed their strength, tenacity, and wisdom when pressured and put in tight situations.

Here are a few more…

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Zone Out

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The day that we decide to let go of every thought in our minds that only complicates our life, is the day when we are actually living. Negativity,insecurities and distraction can’t hold us back, if we focus on what God can do. We have to feed our heart,mind and soul with the power of God. Regrettably we allow ourselves and people to steal our joy and happiness. It’s amazing how we can be so enthusiastic about our life,with in minutes everything changes instantly. I enjoy going into” Zone mode” when nothing is on my mind but what I’m trying to accomplish for my life nothing else matters. Having complete focus on what God want’s for me and resting on his love. Allowing my heart to be at peace,  I know that his presence surrounds me every single day. Casting every thought and worry on him he will take care of us.


Every morning say this prayerHeavenly father I come to you humbly, asking you to takeover the negative thoughts that may enter my mind. Help me be a strong vessel O Lord so I can fight against any distractions that would allow me to drift away. May you guide my every step so that you receive the glory. Regardless of how I feel or how hard life may get,I know your going to bless me. Amen 🙂

If you would like to learn more about how to control your thoughts I recommend reading Battlefield of the mind – Joyce Meyer ( Excellent book It really changes your life)

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