I’ll Find You

This song really resonates with me,it’s a reminder that God is with us always. He’s there through every struggle an emotion that we may feel. It’s so important to trust that he knows what’s best. Sometimes when situations occur it’s easy to feel discouraged an then start to worry about the outcome. However, we must have faith and believe in the miracles that God has and will perform. He will never forget about you no matter how things may seem, Just know he is working on your behalf. Many blessings are coming!! 🙂


Today’s Quote

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When we pray mountains move, God hears us and reacts according to our sincere hearts. However, it’s important to believe that we have a warrior that lies within us to fight. Therefore,we must conquer situations that may come against us. Understanding that God is in control,with him nothing is impossible. I uplift anyone in prayer, that may be going through a difficult situation or dealing with a severe illness. I declare in the name of JESUS, healing will surround those that need a touch from God. An for those that are in need of a break through, I declare a overflow of  blessings shall fall from heaven. May God help this whole world, there’s so many things going on we need God. So as we pray we ask that you manifest in our life. Amen Amen!!

For more inspiration visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nnk2WO3aFU Listen to this to this very Powerful Message! 🙂


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It happened for others

It will happen for you



It will come true


The feeling inside

Wouldn’t lie


The grand prize



All things are possible

Through every obstacle

For more inspiration visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehoMoV_jIp4 Listen to this powerful message!! 🙂

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