New Chapter

god collage

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! 🙂 I’m still amazed how quickly this year went by. Is their anyone thinking the same thing? As we reflect on this year what was your greatest accomplishments? Feel free to comment 🙂

I pray as we enter into 2018 that God will move in every situation. That he will completely transform lives. I pray for everyone to prosper and flourish into greatness. I believe many prayers will be answered.  May each person reap the harvest that God has. I pray for healing, new opportunities, Financial blessings, an for many to draw closer to God and more. It’s time for a new chapter to begin 2018 must be the year to WIN! If you believe this say Amen 🙂 GOD CAN DO ANYTHING!!

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The Will To Overcome


Majority of people spend most of their life procrastinating. In fact many individuals procrastinate because of anxiety,stress.disorganization,distractions and laziness. As a result the habits and emotion delays progress. Therefore it’s important to break this cycle by
1. Setting goals to improve
2. Acknowledge the habit
3. Find strategies to help the problem
Another reason why people procrastinate is having the mindset that time waits. In reality time is passing right before their eyes, at this point time management becomes essential daily. The life that you envision shall come to pass when a plan of action has been enforced. Sometimes in order to push pass the barriers, of facing fear means taking a risk regardless of how we feel. To overcome it takes
2.Have a desire to change
3. Don’t look back
5. Be strong and fight to the next level
6. Understand it’s hard but achievable
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