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Could you survive without a cell phone? For most people cell phones are essential in everyday life. Therefore, I will share a few tips that gives insight, on ways to properly take care of a cell phone.

Battery – Most phones have Lithium -ion batteries when using this battery, it works more effective charging while its turned off.


When the phones off it allows the battery to charge quickly. Instead of expanding the life of the battery while the phone stays on. As a result the phone will last longer in expectancy of the phone lasting between 2 to 3 years. Also starting this pattern when purchasing a new phone works best.

Percentage –  Have you ever went from 0% to 100% when charging the phone? I certainly have, Letting the battery percentage fully discharge (drain) it’s very harmful to the battery. For this reason, When a phones percentage reaches at least 30 percent that’s a great time to recharge.

Temperature –  Keeping the phone cool is a must, lithium-ion battery will lose six percent of it’s maximum capacity. Many phone batteries are sensitive, an sometimes they can overheat when being charged constantly.

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I’ll Find You

This song really resonates with me,it’s a reminder that God is with us always. He’s there through every struggle an emotion that we may feel. It’s so important to trust that he knows what’s best. Sometimes when situations occur it’s easy to feel discouraged an then start to worry about the outcome. However, we must have faith and believe in the miracles that God has and will perform. He will never forget about you no matter how things may seem, Just know he is working on your behalf. Many blessings are coming!! 🙂